The Bangladesh Society Of Ultrasonography


Bangladesh Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine & Research, University of Science & Technology Chittagong, is one of the world’s most leaded institution in ultrasound education. World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology and Jefferson Ultrasound Research & Education Institute appreciate the academic excellence of BIUMR. Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound is firmly established in medical practice. Delivery of quality professional service and patient care is of paramount importance. “Diploma in Medical Ultrasound Diagnosis” (DMUD) course offers Outstanding students the opportunity to make a significant and lasting contribution to the field of diagnostic medico ultrasonography.

National Prof. N. Islam of the Board of Governors of the
BIUMR and other members
in a Board Meeting

Dr. A.H. Akhand-Director
of BIMUR, Prof Soren
Hancke-Secretary of BSU
and Prof. Hiroki Watanabe-President of WFUMB are discussing about the 1st
DMUD examination in
florence, Italy in May 2000

In 1980 Ultrasonography was first used in this country as diagnostic purpose. Since then the technique is being used increasingly. Its potential is vast; it is employed by the Ultrasonography specialists in institutional departments and it is an
essential diagnostic tool of the clinicians in small clinics. Almost all fields of medicine are now getting profit from the use of ultrasound, which is presently the fastest expanding medical imaging technology.
Such increased use represents a challenge for the
ultrasound organizations globally. The educational
aspects have become very important. Within a relatively short time, a huge group of doctors are
facing a rapidly advancing diagnostic technique. We all feel the need to get a good education to this  diaanostic  tool to develop  expertise and to
use benefr of Out patients Tne Bangladesh Society of Ultrasonoqraphy |BSU] observed this challenge several years ago and tried its best to meet up the needs of its members who are in practice as well as needs of the new comers interested to come in this field of medicine. The Society has organised “Certificate in Clinical Ultrosonography” Course for those willing to come in this subject.
The Society cec-cea to establish an educational institute. The ‘aec .vas to conduct high gualitycourses based on the vast experiences of its  members. The   courses were made with strict

Proud Students at the Convocation of the USTC

requirements to obtain a high educational level, well reputed faculty, good quality teaching aids, well written syllabus and quality control of the courses provided by the Society. Thus on January 5, 1996 “The Bangladesh Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine and Research” was established in an Emergency General Meeting of the Society.
The USTC Syndicate in its meeting held on 4 January, 1999 considered the Report of the Inspection Team and approved the Institute as a Constituent Body of the University of Science & Technology Chi+tagong. The Board of Governors of the Institute met in its 1st meeting on 9 May 1 999 where the decision was taken to start DMUD course from 1 July, 1999.

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