The Bangladesh Society Of Ultrasonography

About Us

The Diagnostic Medical Ultrasonography has been introduced in the field of Medical Diagnosis since late sixty’s and in Bangladesh, Ultrasonography was first introduced in 1980.

Ultrasonography had undergone dramatic improvement since its introduction in Bangladesh and increasing number of Doctors got themselves involved in this field.
The doctors working in this field deemed it necessary to form a Society of their own in the year 1988 under the name of “The Bangladesh Society of Ultrasonography” and the society was established on 31st March 1989 in its First Annual General Meeting held in Dhaka.

The objectives of The Bangladesh Society of Ultrasonography are to contribute through scientific, educational, research and literary activities to the advancement of the art, science and practice of diagnostic Ultrasonography in medicine.

Purpose & Function of the Society are as follows :
To advance and to utilize the science of Ultrasonography in the field of medicine.
To give volunteer medical assistance to the distressed people.
To present scientific papers, to carry on educational activities and to discuss professional problems.
To distribute a newsletter and/or journal to the members and other interested persons.
To establish and enunciate high standard of education and training and to implement them through the Society directly or by establishing an educational institution to the Society.
To expand educational opportunities.
To co-operate with Professional external organizations or agencies as may be necessary to maintain continued progress and growth of the Society.

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